Author: Gillianne Richards

Yarn Bomb ~ Cool Arts Society

Darn. We’re late again. I race along the walkway to the Rotary Centre for the Arts with my children. Somewhere inside the building a patient friend sits waiting for our coffee date. I’m about to run through the door when something catches my eye—a tree wearing a sweater.

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Inspired Words

Rawle James ends his poem with a loving smile. The audience breaks into applause. I’m at the Landmark Bean Scene Coffeehouse in Kelowna. It’s packed with people jacked up on cups of joe and thirsty for the inspiring words being shared tonight. It’s all part of a monthly gathering …

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Installation Art

A giant metal hand sits on a track that runs along the ceiling. A hard push sends it lumbering across the room, the forged knuckles almost dragging across the cement floor. Down the hall, bushels of hair, severed and splayed, fill a darkened room. Around the corner sits a huge pile…

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