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Author: Gillianne Richards

Grape beginnings: BC Wine Museum remastered

Kelowna, a hundred years ago: After a day working in the orchards, you sit down on a dusty porch, kick of your boots, and enjoy a nice glass of Logana Loganberry wine. That’s right, long before the award winning Merlots and Chardonnays of the Okanagan wine market today, the industry had much humbler beginnings. It all started with J.W. Hughes, a local guy who first took a crack at making wine with loganberries, not grapes. Today, if you were to take a sip of that same wine, you’d probably spit it all over the veranda. It was all trial...

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Kelowna gallery brings contemporary art to the travelling public

Kelowna Airport abstraction If you need to go through the Kelowna airport in the next few months, leave a little extra time for the trip. If security is backed up, don’t fret, there’s something there to lighten your spirits. An oasis in our ever-growing terminal, a spot saved to feed the souls of anxious travellers with a departing dose of local art. In the area leading up to security check-in is a 12-metre wall that features collections by artists from the Okanagan, a different one every six months. It’s a satellite gallery run and curated by the Kelowna Art...

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The language of culture

En'owkin Centre provides vital support for Syilx traditions “Swit t? t?twit i kwu acmikstms?” Shane Kruger walks to the front of a class at the En’owkin Centre and stands before his fellow students of the preforming arts. His posture grows tall and his voice ignites as he tells the tale of the North Wind Monster. He speaks in Nsyilxcen, the language of the Syilx people of the Okanagan. At first, I don’t understand him. Then, slowly, as I watch his body language, listen to the tones of his voice, and follow his movements, I start to feel the meaning....

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Funny You Should Ask

Okanagan club takes laughter very seriously. When I was a kid, it was Mary Poppins who first taught me how to really laugh. Or rather, it was Uncle Albert. In the movie he suffered from an unusual condition where he would start laughing and couldn’t stop. During the fits he’d float around like a balloon filled with hysterical helium. If other people saw, they’d soon find themselves laughing and floating up in the air, too. It’s never been hard for me to get a good chuckle going, but Uncle Albert taught me sometimes we really need to go for...

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Cosmic inspiration: artist Aaron Metz

In every home there is a corner, a nook, some sacred space that attracts us to sit and read, or write, or build, some spot where we feel comfortable with ourselves. It is my belief that the art in our homes can play the biggest role in creating that space. Plus it’s kind of cool to think of art not just as pretty pictures or provocative statements, but something that can actually help soothe and heal us. What if the paintings we purchase were created to be both pleasing to the eye and therapeutic to the soul? If there’s...

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