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Category: Rearview

Rearview: Home from home with Kathryn Jenkins

Challenges of reconnection A friend once remarked that having two homes was a breeze. “I don’t even pack a toothbrush,” she said, “because it’s all there when I arrive.” “Sounds great,” I said, thinking of my other home, mum’s bungalow in Yorkshire. En route my toothbrush and I get 10 whole hours of airborne solitude, time just for me, plus, I get to pack a wardrobe for every season England can throw at me. I reckon I’m the lucky one! It’s midnight and I’m mid-Atlantic when my vocabulary abruptly shifts gears. It does this automatically in order to match...

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Rearview: Diary daze with Kathryn Jenkins

Collecting memories is tougher than it seems I wish now that I’d written it all down, but too often at the end of the day, when I’m ready for bed, I’ve ended up scribbling a few lines about a minor health issue or having cleaned the car. For most of my life I’ve kept a diary. On my tenth birthday I was given a chunky five-year one with a flimsy lock and key which, I later learned, my two older brothers had gleefully worked out how to open even before I’d put my name in it. Mercifully I was...

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Rearview: Life cycles with Laura Gosset

By Laura Gosset Reflections on mountain biking as a metaphor for living It has been said that happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. Honestly, it must be true. I’m exceedingly healthy and happy, but my memory is abysmal. How could I have forgotten the delicious joy I’d felt riding a bike as a child? But I had, that is until I started mountain biking. I came late to the party. As a woman of mature vintage (make that fifty plus... maybe a few more), I finally succumbed to peer pressure from my girlfriends and...

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Rearview – Self-employed by Dona Strumanis

I  promised Laurie, my editor, I wouldn’t joke about working in pyjamas when she suggested I write about being self-employed for this particular edition of Rearview. Yet, here I sit at a very odd hour of the night eating Italian wedding soup and contemplating whether I should don the plaid flannel onesies (right tartan) or the cream silk and lace lounging outfit to write this. Well, in truth, I went to bed after the soup. I woke up still in the T-shirt and leggings I slept in last night because I wanted to get up early and finish editing the...

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Holiday Fantasy

Like Scrooge's undigested bit of beef, Kathryn's imagination is driven a little whacky by Christmas leftovers. The After Eights and eggnog in my fridge seem out of place now. They scream holiday indulgence. Like lonely leftover presents, unclaimed under the tree, they don’t belong here anymore; they look wrong and it’s time they were gone. The plate of mince pies, snow-topped with icing sugar, no longer holds the same magic as last week. “Into the freezer then, you guys - see you later!” The untouched chocolate torte follows suit as I anticipate the thrill of a slice of Christmas...

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