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Kia & Hannah Robertson

As international news headlines warn of childhood obesity and related diseases, an Okanagan nine-year-old and her mom are taking action to help kids achieve a healthy attitude toward eating, with their Today I Ate a Rainbow books and videos. Kia Robertson admits that it’s tough to get kids …

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Doug Cox – Preserving History

Doug Cox says it’s a hobby that has gotten completely out of hand.

Although his books recounting area history have been local bestsellers for decades, as a child he wasn’t particularly interested in reading or writing. He was, however, blessed with a natural curiosity.

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Cynthia Kereluk ~ Criteraid

Cynthia Kereluk and Paul Rodgers, Summerland’s beauty queen/rock legend couple, lend a helping hand to animals in the Okanagan and around the world. “I love animals and I love my hometown of Summerland,” says Cynthia. Winner of the 1984 Miss Canada title, she later became…

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Dané & Julie Le Roux

Dané le Roux sits in bed and for a moment the then 12-year-old thinks before she picks up her ballpoint pen and notebook. After filling three pages of whatever comes to mind, she hands the notebook to her mirror image sister. Julie scans through the words. “Well, this is good…”

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Lori Mairs

Lori Mairs is an Okanagan artist who truly embraces the saying “go big or go home.” She spent the first 24 years of her adult life in service to people with developmental disabilities. But one snowy night near Christmas, at exactly midnight, she quit her job. After some discussion with her great aunt…

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Summer Arts Fun

Summer camp can mean different things to different kids, from bad food and bullies, to lifelong friendships and golden memories. The Summer Arts Scene for Youth (SASFY) seems to fit the golden-memories category …

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Greg Redman

For most people making it to the Olympics once would be a life-memory, but Greg Redman is now heading into his fourth campaign and you’ll never see him take to the field. Redman is a physiotherapist treating Canada’s Olympic athletes. He’s head therapist for Canoe/Kayak Canada …

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Chairman of the Board

Derek Frechette was intrigued by the rich, red piece of Australian jarrah. It’s a wood not often seen on this side of the Pacific because of its rarity and the fact that it’s hard on tools, dulling them quickly, ?even in the hands of a highly skilled woodworker. But Derek had a plan.

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Citizens’ Patrol Bill Reichelt

It’s obvious that Bill Reichelt, president of the Lake Country Citizens’ Patrol Society, has finally found his true calling. Whether settled in his tiny office adjacent to the Lake Country RCMP detachment, buried in statistical forms, stationed on roadside speed watch or cruising Lake Country…

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