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Rollin’ on the River

Excellent, Amsterdam would fit perfectly into the plan. (Did I forget to mention my tiny, little personal agenda—a river cruise.) With a dozen big ship voyages from Cape Horn to the Baltic under my lifebelt, I’d been dying to marry the one-bed, one-packing comfort of floating travel with a tour of Old World sights in the heart of Europe. And Amsterdam happens to be the terminus of one of the best river cruises of all—the Rhine. I called my travel agent.

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Paddleboard Parable

Nike’s famous slogan, “Just do it,” has always been a favourite of mine. It’s a modern take on carpe diem, strike while the iron’s hot, or make hay while the sun shines. It even makes me think of my bucket list. Sometimes you have to …

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Valley Voyageur

“Preparez!” I raise my paddle over the water. “En avant!” Down it goes in time with the lead stroke, Laurie Bowen, who sits alone in the bow. Jordie, her husband and partner in Selah Outdoor Explorations, is calling orders from the stern of a 29-foot freighter canoe that’s dressed in the finery of the Hudson’s Bay Company fur brigade. It’s timely that I’m paddling Okanagan Lake with the rest of the 11-person crew. This year marks the bicentennial of David Stuart’s trek through the Okanagan and the opening of a vital fur trade route that flourished for decades.

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Summer in the Valley

We asked you to show us your favourite Okanagan summer activities and we’re knocked out with the results. Obviously our readers are active, outdoorsy and often startlingly adventurous. Take a look – and check out page 25 for contest winners plus a chance to play a round of golf on us.

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North Okanagan Eco-Encounter

“Hey, you want to see something neat?”

I turned from the entrance to the Allan Brooks Nature Centre to where a teenaged girl was beckoning from the shrubbery. She waved for me to join the knot of hunched figures bending low and peering intently at an ordinary looking bush.

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