Author: Michael Botner

Vanilla Pod @ Poplar Grove

Newly opened, the Vanilla Pod Restaurant at Poplar Grove Winery is one of the Okanagan’s most gorgeously situated winery restaurants. I’m eager to try it out. Poplar Grove’s founder and executive winemaker, Ian Sutherland, and president and owner, Tony Holler, join yours truly …

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Richard Kamphuys – Ancient Hills Winery

A hill overlooking Kelowna International Airport may seem an unusual site for an estate winery, but for Dutch native Richard Kamphuys and his wife Jitske, it’s a perfectly sensible spot to grow quality grapes and make fine wine. When the couple first immigrated to Canada in 1992…

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Golden Mile Sub Appellation

When sub-appellations are named in the Okanagan, the Golden Mile Bench between Oliver and Osoyoos is on track to be among the first (along with the Black Sage and Naramata benches). Highlighting the individuality of the wines, sub-appellations are part of the evolution of a mature wine region—and much coveted by wineries.

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