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Year: 2017

Best professionals in the North Okanagan

2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-4 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-5 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-6 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-13 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-14 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-15 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-22 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-23 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-24 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-31 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-32 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-33 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-40 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-41 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-42 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-49 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-50 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-51 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-58 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-59 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-60 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-61 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-68 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-69 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-70 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-77 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-78 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-79 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-professional-86...

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Home & Decor Shops – North Okanagan

Best shops for home and decor in Vernon, Salmon Arm and the North Okanagan. 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 4 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 5 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 6 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 49 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 50 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 51 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 40 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 41 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 42 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 31 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 32 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 33 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 22 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 23 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 24 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 13 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 14 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 15 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 58 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 60 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home...

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Home & Decor Shops – South Okanagan

Best shops for home and decor in Penticton and the Sorth Okanagan. 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 61 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 62 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 63 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 64 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 52 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 53 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 54 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 43 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 44 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 45 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 34 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 35 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 36 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 25 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 26 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 27 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 16 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 17 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 18 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 7 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 8 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home...

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Rally team claims victory at Big White Winter Rally

Subaru Rally Team Canada (SRTC) closed out the 2017 Canadian Rally Championship (CRC) season on a high note, claiming victory at the Big White Winter Rally. Led by driver Antoine L'Estage and co-driver Alan Ockwell, SRTC led from start to finish yet again, adding another win to its tally on the season. The victory at the 10-stage, 176-kilometre event through the snow-covered mountains outside Kelowna, capped an impressive comeback for L'Estage and Ockwell, giving the duo their fifth consecutive victory after failing to finish the first two events of the season. The win also made official L'Estage as the...

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Tim Hortons delivers over 29,000 smiles for YMCA Kids

The smiles are in. Tim Hortons restaurants in the Central Okanagan raised $29,091 from their annual Smile Cookie Campaign with 100% of the proceeds donated to the YMCA of Okanagan. The campaign, which ran for one week in September, saw thousands of Tim Hortons customers purchase a smile cookie for one dollar. “We’re so proud of the success of our Smile Cookie Campaign,” says Chris Chapman, owner of three local restaurants. “With the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ widening in our community, we can’t think of a charity that makes a bigger impact on the lives...

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30,000 giveaway for small business okanagan

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