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Shopping Through the Generations

Shopping Through the Generations

Are you a bargain shopping Boomer or a search savvy Millennial when it comes to shopping? Perhaps you’re more in line with a Gen Xer who buys what they like, or a brand loyal shopper from the Silent generation. We interviewed people up and down the Okanagan Valley to...

Taking Aim: How Childhood Shots Save Lives

Taking Aim: How Childhood Shots Save Lives

When six-week old Callum* stopped cooing and started coughing, his parents were concerned. A sweet baby, he loved to practice his new smile—until his siblings got sick. At first the older children’s symptoms presented like common colds—mild coughs, low-grade fevers,...

Golf Tech

Golf Tech

By Dona Sturmanis with Deanna Merrick One golf swing can cause a major mood swing. On a single hole, your drive might plummet you into the depths of misery, yet five minutes later, after a great putt, you’re invincible and on top of your world. This happens whether...

Golf Tech: Its all about the clubs

Golf Tech: Its all about the clubs

Technology plays a vital role in the ongoing development of golf equipment—of which clubs are the most critical. Most golfers don’t upgrade their clubs every year, but after several years, there are sufficient changes to warrant a new driver or set of irons. Taylor...

The Next Generation of Aces

The Next Generation of Aces

While Canadian tennis stars are making a mark on the World Tour, other nations’ top rising stars are traveling to Kelowna to showcase their play. It’s all thanks in part to the leadership of Joachim Nierfeld and a small committee behind Tennis Futures Kelowna. “The...

2015 Best Restaurant Awards

2015 Best Restaurant Awards

The most democratic way of discovering a new favourite restaurant is to keep this issue and try them all. Our readers picked ’em and we’re revealing ’em, right here in this, the 21st Annual Okanagan Life Readers’ Choice Best Restaurants edition. People want to know...

Okanagan Real Estate Outlook

Okanagan Real Estate Outlook

Depending on how you read the statistics, the glass is either half empty or half full when it comes to forecasting real estate in our region. Traditional construction is no longer the norm, with prices hitting the high end of the tolerance scale for single-family...