Wine reviews: Valley expressions of bold red wines

Wine reviews: Valley expressions of bold red wines

by | Feb 2019 | Print Edition, Wine & Food

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Summerland Pyramid Winery

2014 OM Organic Meritage
Kelowna, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar1/2  $65

This Bordeaux blend is very new-world in style. Full-bodied and robust, it is a wonderful presentation of ripe dark fruits such as black plum, cherries and blackberries. A smooth vanilla finish wraps around the fruit, finishing with a chocolatey glow. The fact that it is organic just adds to its enjoyment. Pair with rich meats such as prime rib or osso buco.

Poplar Grove

2014 The Legacy
Naramata, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar1/2 $52.08

All the Bordeaux grape varieties play a role in this wonderful red blend, featuring aromas of dark fruit with exotic spices. The palate reveals a delightfully full, round body and flavours of blackberry, vanilla, earth and anise. Complex and sophisticated, this is a ‘special occasion’ wine, to be paired with roast beef, prime rib or lamb.

Bartier Bros.

2016 Cabernet Franc
Oliver, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar  $25.99

Bursting with berry flavours and slight minty characteristics, this Cabernet Franc is a medium-bodied wine with smooth tannins and hints of cocoa. Vanilla aromas from oak ageing add to its complexity, making this a lovely wine to enjoy on its own, or paired with sausages, stews or other comfort foods.

Hester Creek

2015 The Judge
Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar 1/2 $49.95

Red currant and soft vanilla aromas entice while flavours of ripe blackberries, toast and black plums abound in this wonderfully complex Bordeaux blend. Full-bodied with structured tannins, sip after sip brings a new abundance of dark fruit and earthy flavours, layered on top of one another. Drink with your best cut of steak, medium rare.


2016 La Gauche
West Kelowna, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar  $29.48

Benchmark varietal flavours present in this nicely structured Cabernet Sauvignon (splashes of Cabernet Franc and Malbec are a part of the blend, adding to the wine’s complexity). Red currant, capsicum and cedar balance with a lean body, making this a charming accompaniment to a variety of dishes, featuring mushrooms, hummus, pork or chicken.

C. C. Jentsch Cellars

2012 The Chase
Golden Mile Bench, Okanagan Valley
StarStarStarStar $19.90

Blackberry and plum combine with spicy black pepper and vanilla in this wine’s charming mouthful of flavours. Medium – bodied with structured tannins, this intense Bordeaux blend combines all five traditional grape varieties, adding to the wine’s depth. Protein is its best companion, such as Oka or Cantal cheeses, steaks or pork chops. 

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