Author of Really Good F Words
Your interactive gudie to self-care

A Q&A with Laurie Carter

Love the title of your book.

Thank you—I’m glad it caught your attention.

Why did you write a book about self-care?

Two reasons. In addition to authoring this book, I am also a coach (mountaintopcoaching.ca). I love that my work allows me to easily connect my “be” and my “do” and I believe that no one needs a coach, but that everybody deserves to have one. Through the pages of F Words, I’m able to offer the gift of coaching to readers. As well, like many of us, there have been times when I struggled with maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Learning from others’ experience helped make my path that much easier to traverse. Really Good F Words includes some of my own personal story as well as stories from others so readers have that resource to support them as they lean forward into their own lives.


How do you handle self-care?

Living in the Okanagan, opportunities for self-care are everywhere. For me, leisurely lunches overlooking a vineyard or the fragrance of blossoms in the spring are just two of the many wonderful benefits I enjoy on a regular basis.

What do you want readers to remember?

I am confident that everyone will find their own most important take-away. There are two that stand out for me and. The first is that self-care is NOT selfish! The second is to Be Intentional. A dream with a deadline is a goal. Writing the book required me to be intentional and there were many deadlines I had to meet before my dream of making it possible for everyone to have a coach in their corner could come true.

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