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Summer 2019

Paul Moran - Best Restaurants - Okanagan LifeThe readers of Okanagan Life are celebrating our 25th year of presenting the annual Best Restaurants Awards. On the cover, Canada's Top Chef Paul Moran. Writer Shannon Linden has delved into Canada's New Food Guide to see how Okanagan families can consume more plant-based foods and make a mindful connection to what they eat. We meet up with Okanagan authors Sean Johnston, John Lent and 2019 BC Book Award recipient Laisha Rosnau, thanks to the efforts of Read Local Okanagan. Writer David Wylie takes a look at Pop-up shops.

May 2019

The wine issue of Okanagan Life magazine is here. See the 2019 winners of the Best of BC Wine Awards. Writer Myrna Stark-Leader has delved into Marriage 2.0, how Okanagan couples are tying the knot for the second time and blending families and finances. We meet up with author Shelley Wood whose historical novel on the Dionne quintuplets has hit the best sellers list. To start your summer off right, we have the new G&T from Raudz in our Bar Confidential column.

Progress 2019

 Our Progress 2019 issue features Okanagan business profiles told in their own words plus a full feature on second, third and fourth-generational family businesses prospering in the Okanagan Valley. What are the family bonds that keep business all in the family? On the cover is TRS Building Envelope's Robert and Tom Greenough.


Winter 2018

Our readers have voted for 2018 Best of the Okanagan awards. Young Jaeden Izik-Dzurko tickles the ivory, Dr. Evans makes new dino discoveries and writer David Wylie is digging deep into the deceit on the web. Our wine reviews explore the richness of big Bordeaux-style reds from Bartier Bros., C. C. Jentsch Cellars, Hester Creek, Poplar Grove, Rollingdale and Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Check back to Our Pages for articles posted from this issue.

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