Help Wanted in the Okanagan

The issue was that we couldn’t afford to just come back and hope one of us would get a good job.

Brandie Gariepy

Summer 2019

Welcome to Shangri-flawed

With help wanted signs sprouting like roadside weeds, it’s not surprising that Okanagan employers are struggling to cope. But just when you’d expect job seekers to be sitting in the driver’s seat, many wannabe workers are getting a bumpy ride. High housing costs and stagnant wages are obvious culprits, but the following three case studies, along with our salary comparisons, reveal there’s more to this picture.

Illustration by Will Enns

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Christy Clark: Premier MLA

Christy Clark: Premier MLA

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Robert Dow Reid

Robert Dow Reid

Fall 1988 The plunge into the world of art paid off for Robert Dow Reid. The shipyards of Scotland where it all began may be a long way off, but for this internationally renowned sculptor, the ocean of his boyhood is ever present in the enduring and beautiful shapes...

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Laurie Carter

This grandma wears hiking boots (and other fetching footwear) in search of cultural, culinary and eco-adventure. Award-winning writer, photographer and author of the popular Grandma Wears Hiking Boots guide to the Okanagan Valley, Laurie proudly serves as senior editor of Okanagan Life magazine.