Generation ZWhazzup with today’s youth?
Seems like they’re always texting or listening to music, earbud wires dangling, a distracted look on their faces—or glued to the screen of a laptop in some bustling coffeehouse. Do they spend more time with friends electronically than talking face to face?

What lies ahead for this Internet Generation?

Sometimes referred to as digital natives, most of today’s high school, college and university students can’t conceive of life before computers and instant communications. Their earliest memories include playing Super Mario and Nintendo Games and learning All The Right Type and Paint on boxy home and school computers with floppy discs.

But we can breathe easy. Plugged in, but not as constantly as we imagine, they are pumped to make their way in an age where Spice Girls have encouraged young women to embrace power and authority, global warming is an issue they feel they just might do something about, and multiculturalism is a normal way of life. These young global citizens have unique expectations about what is possible, and they’re ready to get out there to improve society and the environment.

Meet an even dozen Okanagan Gen Z students.

You’ll be inspired.

Hafsa Arif | Matt Broman | Nicolo Carboni| Janna Clarke | Ryan Cunningham | Shola Fashanu | Brandon Jeppesen | Hannah Kulak | Aron Lum | Christian Michalewicz | Emma Miller | Sylvanna Wilson