Janna Clarke 

Janna ClarkePenticton Secondary School
2013 Grad
Ocean bound academic athlete

Don’t be fooled by the soft-spoken, gentle demeanour of this bilingual French immersion grad. This fit future scientist counts the Pen High gym as her favourite place.

“I do homework there during boys’ basketball practice. I find the sound of the bouncing soothing.”

Quintessential career: marine biologist. Want to give ocean animals a better home.

Summer highlight: Mom just won a scuba course at a silent auction and gave it to me.

Favourite subjects: biology and chemistry. Teachers Mr. Arcuri and Mr. Harkness are awesome. Learn new stuff every day.

Independence: entrance scholarship for earth and ocean sciences at University of Victoria next year.

Environment in 50 years: cleaner. People will be more educated and aware of what we are doing to the earth.

Helping out: volunteer coach. Basketball at Queen’s Park Elementary, basketball and rugby at Kettle Valley Railway Middle School.

Fitness find: volleyball, basketball and rugby for Pen High. Provincial volleyball team. First choice? Rugby. Learning speed and agility, thrill of running through people, camaraderie of teammates.

Favourite food: Dad’s barbecue steak. Medium with Italian dressing. Just the way he likes it.

Must have technology: iPhone for online banking, communication
and schoolwork.

App award: Google Translate. Looking up French words.

Social media: Tumblr Blog. Good place to write thoughts and feelings and vent—carefully. Keep it broad and general.

eReader or print: love a beaten old book I can lend to friends, write notes in margin and turn down corners. Screen reading hurts my eyes.

Lasting life lesson: don’t put your happiness in someone else’s hands. Learned through personal experience.

Most admired person: older brother. Builds computers, network security specialist. One of nicest, most caring guys I know. Has a learning disability but persevered. Always there for me.