Emma MillerEmma Miller

Clarence Fulton Secondary, Vernon
2013 Grad
Nurse with a cause

Happy go lucky Emma starts her day with wake up music On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. Counts clothes and shoes as her greatest extravagance and would love to have dinner with Ryan Gosling. “I’d ask him why he chose acting as a career.” Eclectic reader, from The Twilight Series to Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Quintessential career: nurse. Want to help people with mental illness.

Favourite subjects: law—find it interesting. Math. Only one way to do things. There’s a formula, use it, get the one right answer.

Independence: plan to stay at home for two or three years while attending UBC-O, then move out.

Helping out: executive director and fundraiser for Support of Sports for Kids at Clarence Fulton Secondary. Help grandmother work with seniors at Gateby Interior Health Care Facility.

Fitness Find: basketball since grade four. Forward with Clarence Fulton team. Run, skate, ski and swim on a casual basis.

Must have technology: iPhone 4S. In contact with friends 50 per cent of waking time, outside school.

App award: Snapchat. Send about 50 funny photos of myself a day to friends. They disappear in 10 seconds.

Social media must haves: Facebook. Have relatives in Scotland. Can’t always understand their accent, so better than Skype.

eReader or hard copy: hardcopy for leisure and texts. Online for answer keys for math and chemistry homework.

Lasting life lesson: Auntie Danika Glen taught me to never give up.

Downtime: hanging out with boyfriend and friends, movies, campfires or board games like Monopoly or Yahtzee.

Movies or documentaries, TV or online: Movies on DVD and downloaded. Lately, The Hobbit. (Read all the books). The Devil Wears Prada. The heroine came from nothing, worked her way up to a great job, then quit because she had integrity.