Aaron LumAaron Lum

Kelowna Secondary School
Grade 10
Charismatic leading man

His family calls him Air Bear, at Dr. Knox Middle School he was Robin Hood. This happy guy loves to sleep in (lucky he lives 12 minutes from school) and values spontaneity and laughter in friends.

Quintessential career: actor. Would be fun to get paid for things you like to do. Leading man in Dr. Knox Middle School production of Robin Hood.

Favourite subjects: drama and English. Enjoy the creativity. Not much into laid down schedules.

Independence: Plan to take a gap year at the end of high school to travel and find myself. Mom’s idea. Will apply to college or university after.

International connections: paternal grandparents from China, mom from Wales.

Environment 50 years from now: social equality for all. End of racism and homophobia.

Fitness find: Kelowna Secondary School football team. House league basketball and weights at the gym.

Must have technology: Samsung Galaxy S3. Advanced technology. Has everything I need, Internet, time, calculator, texting and Facebook.

Facebook faux pas: when I first got it, was so excited I wrote, “I have Facebook.”

App award: Tumblr, for funny, versatile posts when bored. Google Chrome Browser for homework questions and downloading music.

eReader or print: I’m a hard copy kind of guy, for leisure and study, but we use laptops in class for typing and writing short stories and poetry.

Lasting life lessons: learned from Dad that first impressions last. Have confidence. Make eye contact and use a firm handshake.

Downtime: chores at home like vacuuming, walking family dog, golden retriever Mango. Running.

Movies or documentaries, TV or online: junk TV. Cartoons on Teletoon Retro. Can’t go wrong with Bugs Bunny. Adventure Time, a cartoon with adult humour.

Favourite spot in the world: when stressed, our home patio is an oasis of calm. Great view of Kelowna.