There’s a solution to your sleep problems

Sleep_disorderWe have all had those days when we feel like a train wreck, but if railroad carnage is your normal, it’s time to get back on track. The occasional day of fatigue or restless night is unavoidable, but you can’t allow it to be a way of life.

Most of us do not realize that sleeping too little, too much, or at inappropriate times is an actual health concern requiring serious attention. Some individuals have suffered for so long that they assume this is “their normal” sleep behaviour. Other people think there isn’t anything that can be done to correct it. Lastly, there are a few who are simply in denial of having any problem at all, even though their bed partner has been witnessing sleep issues for years. Solutions are often hard to find and many get frustrated and just try to endure the problem. Sleep is never considered a “priority” when compared to other medical issues such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

There are numerous kinds of sleep disorders affecting people today. Some of the ones we see most commonly include: insomnia, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, snoring and sleep apnea. Regardless of which sleep problems you are experiencing, do not underestimate the importance of taking action. Some disorders can lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

Poor sleep can also have a profound impact on your quality of life and work performance.The treatment of sleep disorders is a form of preventative medicine. If somebody with severe sleep apnea goes untreated, that person may well be admitted to hospital sometime in the future after suffering a stroke.

Promptly addressing sleep disorders may save lives and improve quality of life, but it can also reduce the health care burden by avoiding the more morbid consequences. So, the next time you’re grumbling about being awake all night or sleepy during the day, take the first step and do something about it. Don’t allow your sleep disorders to become disabling. This is your health, take control! Call one of the professionals below who are all committed to working together to solve your sleep difficulties. —Alena Krizek, RPSGT, R. EEG T., Certified Clinical Sleep Educator

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