Brain Trust RhondaMost people do not realize that stroke is brain injury – and can sometimes be referred to as a “brain attack.” In fact, a stroke can injure the brain like a heart attack injures the heart.

In 2007, Rhonda sustained both a brain aneurysm and a stroke which caused her to suffer severe memory loss.

“I had virtually no short term memory and ended up going to the grocery store repeatedly to buy the same foods,” she says. “I also went to the bank to pay a bill that I had just paid that week!”

Rhonda participates in the Peer Support Program offered by BrainTrust Canada in Kelowna. The not for profit organization provides rehabilitation support for individuals with brain injury living in the Okanagan, and also has a strong focus on injury prevention.

The most common signs of stroke include sudden numbness or weakness of face, arms or legs; problems with sight; loss of balance; confusion; headache; and trouble talking or understanding speech.

BrainTrust Canada relies heavily on fund development to offer a range of programs and services in the Okanagan. Their largest fundraising event is coming up – the Pihl Law Corporation Golf Marathon Friday, September 6 at the Okanagan Golf Club – Bear  course.

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Golf Marathon 
in support of brain injury education & prevention

Pihl Law Corporation Golf Marathon
September 6, 2013   | Register

GOLF OPTIONS: 100 holes or 50 holes or Relay Teams

Goal $85,000
$50,000 in Hole in Ones
+ $1 million Hole in One (for 5 golfers)

GRAND PRIZE – Trip to Hawaii (flight courtesy of Air Canada Foundation)

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