Chef Brian Skinner

Chef Brian Skinner’s veggy dish brought him gold at the Victoria Gold Medal Plates. Photo: Jesse Hlady Photography

Will vegetarian cuisine reign supreme in Canada? If British Columbia’s top chef Brian Skinner has his way, veggies will have their day at this year’s Canadian Culinary Championships under way this weekend in Kelowna.

Taking first place at the Gold Medal Plates competition in Victoria, Chef Skinner is representing BC at the national culinary championships, and promises to showcase a vegetarian signature dish.

Each February, Canada’s top chefs descend on Kelowna in a fierce two-day competition. The event also raises funds for the Canadian Olympic Foundation to support Canadian Olympic athletes.

Chef Skinner opened his first restaurant, The Acorn in Vancouver in 2012. His menu features exclusively vegetarian, vegan, raw, and gluten free options.

However, Chef Skinner is no newbie to the culinary world. He spend five years in Europe gaining Michelin Star experience at restaurants such as Sketch in London and Noma in Coppenhagen. Before opening The Acorn he taught at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts.

For a peak at what Chef Skinner may put out on his gold medal plate, see his current menu at The Acorn.