Poet and musician presents paintings at art gallery

Photo contributed

Liz Ranney and Nicole Young’s exhibition What’s Still Here, What Came Before Us is a visual response to the work of poet and musician Leila Neverland.

It explores themes of femininity, the environment and the collaboration itself. Surfaces were passed back and forth between Liz and Nicole and built up in painted layers to create a reflection on Leila’s lyrics. The environment and femininity are topics that both artists explore in their works separately, and the inspiration to create works in the context of Neverland’s writing came from an interest in the collaborative process itself.

This exhibition calls for consideration of how painting and music come together as tools for storytelling, both narratively and of the process of painting itself.

Dates: January 12 to February 24

Location: Lake Country Art Gallery at 10356A Bottom Wood Lake Rd, Lake Country

Opening Reception: January 12 from 2-4 p.m.