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Tucked away in Valley homes Okanagan wine vintages quietly age in the most luxurious digs.

Envy the pampered wine that rests in one of these elegant spaces with every aspect of its comfort and well-being considered. A truly effective wine cellar involves so much more than decorative shelving. Cellars, above by Cellar Solutions Inc., illustrate the way a variety of styles and finishes can be combined to produce strikingly different looks. But when it comes to storing wine, beauty has to be more than skin deep. Some of the most important features of these cellars would go completely unnoticed by all but the most knowledgable observers.

Okanagan wine cellar Kekuli BayAmong the critical characteristics of a truly functional wine cellar is temperature control. Wine doesn’t like surprises. In fact, it’s not big on change of any kind. Experts recommend a nice consistent environment in the 10 C to 15 C range. The climate control system may be hidden, but it’s playing a crucial role in helping the wine to age gracefully. Wine also prefers Zen-like calm with a minimum of light and vibration. Too much light and it ages prematurely (don’t we all). The cellar needs to be kept dim with low-wattage lighting. Vibration from a busy street or the operation of heavy machinery can also upset it’s tranquility and cause unhappy aging.

2011 October Okanagan LifePlanning the location of the cellar is clearly critical, although blasting the bedrock under your home isn’t necessary. Okanagan companies offer a variety of free-standing options including sleek, modern wine fridges, massive armoire-style cabinetry and even portable walk-in wine cellars that can be located anywhere in the house. Custom design is a matter of collaboration with your builder or renovations contractor.

Photos: Cellar Solutions (top) Kekuli Bay Cabinetry (bottom).

As seen in the October 2011 issue.