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Author David Allen

A song for swinging

What inspired you to write (and illustrate) this book?

My kids. Reading is so important to us; cozying up together is a very special time and doing crafts together re-ignited my passion for drawing.

Why gibbons?

We were reading a book about primates and my kids would always turn to the page on gibbons, so we watched a BBC video and they loved watching them swing through the trees. Then came the stuffies, gifts from their grandparents. I began sketching them and my kids suggested that we make our own book.

Are you planning more books?

Books are such an influential part of kids’ development. I founded Good Nature Books to share stories that offer positive experiences. Being a stay-at-home dad, I have a lot to tell.


Editor’s Note: Kelowna author and illustrator David Allen will be at Wentworth Music for a reading, lullaby sharing and book signing of his newly released pre-school children’s book, A Song for Swinging.The public is invited to attend the book signing beginning at 10:30 am on Saturday, November 17 , #106 1634 Harvey Avenue in Kelowna. You’ll find A Song for Swinging at the Okanagan Regional Library, for purchase at Mosaic Books or for order at


Author Chris Czajkowski


From the high mountains of the BC Coastal Range comes the story of wilderness adventure told from a dog’s point of view. Paying homage to the oral tradition, dogs share their history by telling tales. A great read for teens and a must for dog lovers of any age. Illustrated with photos. Sequel to Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog.

Author Tom Hawthorn


Award-winning journalist Tom Hawthorn brings us the birth of modern nationalism in his yearbook of crazy Canuck escapades that marked the country’s Centennial. We hosted the world at Expo 67 and the PanAmerican Games, while discovering our talent for literature, design, song, and a love of dogsled treks and bathtub races.

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