Smoke coming from the rural area north of the Glenmore Landfill between Glenmore Road and Highway 97 is coming from burning piles of trees killed by the mountain pine beetle.

Kelowna Web Cam

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Wildfire beetle-kill mitigation has been happening on the Eldorado Ranch property for a number of months. Large piles of non-marketable wood are being burned when the venting index is appropriate.

The property, hit hard by beetle infestation, has large equipment, personnel and water trucks on site and will only burn with the snow on the ground. The property owners use this land for their cattle range and are reducing the risk of wildfire, while keeping the healthy trees.

Western and mountain pine beetle populations are on the rise in the City of Kelowna. These insects are serious pests of native and exotic pines.  Recent infestations have killed thousands of trees in some areas of Kelowna.

For more information about pine beetle, visit the City of Kelowna's pine beetle information page.