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Okanagan Life
Quiet confidence.
Visual ads are best.
Tangible & permanent.
Readers keep each issue.
Okanagan owned & operated.
Hard-working and dedicated crew.
CVC audited circulation & distribution.
Olympic quality writers & photographers.
Magazine ads are not bothersome or intrusive.
Over twenty-five years serving Okanagan businesses.
Unconsciously, our readers remember visual ad messages.
Podium-style emotional readers become confident shoppers.
Magazine ads are appreciated and loved by Okanagan consumers.
Read everyday for months in 9,600 high-traffic Okanagan waiting areas.
Our 17:1 ratio of consumers/magazine might be the best ratio in the world.
Your important message lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts…
We are the only magazine that delivers a copy to every business in our trading area.
By benchmarking all city & regional magazines, we have discovered our own gold medal.
Okanagan Life has become one of the best read magazines in the world on a per capita basis.
All it takes to grow your bottom line is for your advertising message to work harder than you can.
Our visual cortex carries out unfathomably complex computations using tens-of-billions of neurons to
remember images, brands and logos in the region of the brain ruling the ‘why’ of buy, the unconscious.
Every media outlet in the Okanagan wishes they had what we have in gold, silver & bronze: permanence.
An Okanagan Life magazine advertisement will get gold medal results for your business. Book today with