Kelowna General Hospital: Sacred Space to provide peaceful multi-faith refuge

A new spiritual care space is coming to Kelowna General Hospital to provide an important refuge for staff, patients, and loved ones during times of grief, transition, and celebration.

With the ongoing construction and redevelopment of the hospital many departments and programs have moved into new areas, creating an opportunity to replace the older, outdated chapel with a bright new space. It will be located on the first floor of the Centennial Building, set back from the hospital’s main lobby and admitting area to provide easy access while also providing peace and quiet.

“One of our goals is to create a space that is beneficial to all groups. And we feel that with the design of this space, we’ve done just that,” says Derek Koch, Spiritual Health Practitioner at KGH.

The planning process included input from a multitude of faith leaders throughout the Okanagan, and involved collaboration with Interior Health’s Aboriginal Health team.

Margo, a mother from outside the Kelowna area, knows the importance of a sacred space. “Coming to KGH to be near my son during his recovery, I was grateful to find a quiet place to sit, pray, and reflect. The peaceful environment gave me an opportunity to journal my thoughts and feelings. I am thankful for a place to make a spiritual connection in the middle of crisis.”

The total cost for design and construction of the new sacred space is $140,000, to be 100 per cent donor funded through contributions to the KGH Foundation. To get involved, contact the KGH Foundation at 250-862-4438 or donate online at