Geoff Pill, a native of Norfolk, England, is the owner and operator of FilmStar Automotive Solutions in Kelowna. He opened up shop in 2004 and specializes in applying clear film to help protect your vehicle’s paint surfaces against stone chips, minor scuffing and staining.

Durable, these films were first used by the military to protect helicopter blades from the erosive effects of sand. Nowadays, bikes, cars, trucks, motorcycles and RVs use it. Geoff uses a computer-operated machine to cut the clear film for your make, model and year of vehicle. He takes pride in applying the film to curved surfaces and making it as smooth as glass.

The self-adhesive urethane film is transparent and nearly invisible. It has a clear-coat layer that protects it from yellowing in the sun. Best of all, the film requires no special care. You can continue to run your vehicle through the automated car wash and wax it.

A typical installation takes about a half-day, says Geoff. Areas that can benefit from protective film are front edge of hood, bumper, mirror backs, fender, door handle insets and door edges. There is even protective film for headlight lenses. There are no limits to the areas it can be applied to. Geoff has even done work on snowmobiles and boats.

He can also apply window tinting to protect your car’s interior from UV damage by the sun. It also provides comfort from the sun’s heat in summer, adds to the aesthetic quality of your vehicle, reduces rear view mirror headlight glare and helps hide your car’s interior from view.

A one man show, Geoff handles all the calls and does the installation himself. He is trained and certified by 3M products. Call him today at 250.870.2900 to make an appointment or visit online to find out more at