One of the Okanagan’s biggest pot businesses has been making big moves over the past few months.

DOJA Cannabis Co. jumped onto the CSE in August under the symbol, DOJA.

Since then, they’ve expanded, harvested and are making final preparations for legalization next summer.

In October, the company’s arm's length offer to acquire a 22,580-sq.-ft. building in Kelowna out of receivership was approved by the courts. DOJA dubbed the facility the "FUTURE LAB", and now projects its cannabis production capacity will exceed 5,000 kilograms per year.

CEO Trent Kitsch, who became well-known through his underwear company SAXX, says the plants in the company’s licensed West Kelowna grow-operation have been flourishing. "Our plants are looking extremely vibrant, healthy and are maturing on schedule,” he said.

The first batches were harvested in October and were trimmed, hung to dry, cured and packaged.

DOJA passed its first unannounced inspection from Health Canada in August.