Okanagan College celebrates a decade of recognizing Aboriginal students’ achievements

Project Coordinator of Indigenization Anthony Isaac (left) and student Wendy Terbasket (right)

Powwow dancers and a recognition ceremony in early March at Okanagan College celebrated Aboriginal students’ accomplishments and honoured instructors for going above and beyond for their students.

Instructors Katherine Bonell, Denise Boudreau, Adam Craig, Stacey Grimm, Dana Hurtubise, Laura Jockman, Diane Little, Scott Overland, Tracy Riley, Teresa Proudlove, Matthia Vaillancourt and Richard Volk were recognized.

Program advisor Jewell Gillies spoke of the important of the Big House—a place for ceremonies, decision-making and discussions between nations and clans. “It’s a place where we inherit knowledge from our communities,” she says. “These cultural teachings give us a sense of our identity, but we want our students to understand that they can carry that with them while they study here.”

Student Wendy Terbasket adds, “My people are making great strides for the betterment of their future and communities. The college’s values are so in line with my own: everyone working together and working toward a common goal.”