Castoro de Oro is growing its seventh vintage in 2012. It’s going to be an exciting season showcasing wines where each release seems to top the last. This small family operation produces fewer than 2,000 cases a year from estate grown grapes on an eight-acre vineyard planted in 1980-1981, making it one of the oldest in the Golden Mile region of Oliver, BC.

The vineyard’s alluvial soil deposit with excellent exposure to sunshine, results in full flavour and aroma development. The vineyard slope keeps the vines safe from late spring or early fall frost problems, allowing the grapes to ripen fully. The vines are planted to the foot of a mountain, which provides evening shade, resulting in a rapid cool-off during summer. This prevents the grape acids from dropping and results in a fine balance between ripe, sweet fruit and firm, clean acidity. Visit the wine shop and taste the legend.