From smaller business-oriented gatherings to major events, winter is a busy time of year.

The Vernon Winter Carnival has been going strong for 58 years. It’s known as the largest winter carnival in the west.

Community dedication has been the secret to its success, says Deb White, chairwoman for the event. She herself has been on the board since 2009. This is her third time as chair.

“What keeps it going is this community. This small community loves tradition. And if it ever went away, I think we’d be lost,” she says.

While there are no economic studies done on Winter Carnival, anecdotal evidence suggests the Vernon Winter Carnival is a boom to the community.

“During Carnival, I book a hotel in town for a couple of nights, and I have to book it early because the hotels are booked,” she says. “The small ma and pa shops do really well during this time as well.”

The parade brings in a lot of people to Vernon from the surrounding areas. Coffee shops are bustling with spectators looking to get a great spot to view the parade.

Many of the more than 100 events were sold out.

“I can’t really say how much (economically) it brings into the community, but I know that for those nine days, there’s so much positive energy in this town.”