Canada’s first all digital online radio station on air in Peachland

A new independent digital radio station is on air  in Peachland, broadcasting memorable Christmas music and original classic holiday radio shows.  Allan Holender, the station’s founder, himself a 62-year veteran of the radio broadcasting industry, says there is more to come.

“The beta test of our digital live stream signal will give us  a chance to iron out a lot of the wrinkles before we have our community wide launch event in May,” says Holender. “In January we plan on broadcasting speciality shows that have been created in many cases by radio veterans  like myself, who have spent a lifetime building their own unique radio museums.”

One of those shows is Koldpop Radio, produced and hosted by radio historian Louis Krupa. He has perhaps the greatest museum of oldies and nostalgic radio memorabilia  in the world.

During 40 years plus he has obtained thousands of old radio and television commercials as well as radio station jingles and associated audio material and will incorporate these gems into future radio programs designed to take Baby Boomers back to a time which has gone forever..almost. Krupa has been spending a lifetime  building programs and re-recording rare and forgotten gems from the 1950s-1970s with an emphasis on the 1960s. He has a library so vast that only true listeners and audio scholars of the past will appreciate.

“There are tens and tens and tens of thousands of forgotten gems available for broadcast on this program with surprises galore and with ideas perhaps not yet thought of,” says Krupa. “I’m excited to be bringing this golden treasure of radio to the air for the first time on Peachland Radio.”

Peachland Radio will take listener back to an era when listening to the radio was fun and exciting, and certainly unpredictable. It’s the way radio used to sound and might never again.

“This is one last chance to listen to something historical, educational and most of all complete in it’s content,” says Holender. “Time is all we have, and  it’s all we’ve had from the very beginning, and that is what this radio station is all about, remembering those great times.”

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