Campaign for Kamloops Performing Arts Centre launches website


A campaign lobbying for a new Performing Arts Centre in Kamloops has launched its website at

Encouraging the public to vote in favour of the project in the upcoming referendum on November 7, 2015, it is the Yes Campaign’s hope that voters will make a positive impact to our community by agreeing to borrow up to $49 million to build this centre.

This past week, the Yes Campaign received the support of the Chamber of Commerce, the Kamloops Arts Council, the Kamloops Art Gallery and the Kamloops Symphony. Those groups join a growing list that include the Kamloops Sports Council, Tourism Kamloops and the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association.

“Kamloops not only needs a Performing Arts Centre but we are ready for it,” says Brenda Aynsley, former executive director of the United Way of Thompson Nicola Cariboo. “Past accomplishments and current leadership have us well positioned to realize the vision.  We did it with the TCC, TRU and now it’s time for the PAC! Let’s continue to put Kamloops on the map as a destination, not a drive-through.”

The proposed Performing Arts Centre will benefit more than 70 community organizations in Kamloops and be home to numerous events, performances and conferences. The economic impact is estimated at 64 ongoing direct and indirect jobs with a $11 million annual economic benefit.

“As a community, it’s up to us to act on this opportunity for an economically viable project that will benefit our city,” says Brendan Shaw, Yes Campaign Chair.

The Yes Campaign Committee encourages all those in support of this project to connect via Facebook (, Twitter (@yeskamloops) or website (