The United Way of the Central & South Okanagan Similikameen has set a goal this year of $1.5M to support and build community here in the Okanagan Similkameen.

“It’s a big number, however, it is a number that our community needs,” says Executive Director Shelley Gilmore. “Every year the demand in our communities gets higher and higher so this year we are making sure the community is aware of what is needed and is being asked to take action to participate in making an impact.

"Our goal is to build community and United Way is the vehicle for this change. The relationships with our community partners are very strong and we work together to make the difference, by supporting the United Way in this campaign, the community can trust that investments are done with the whole community in mind, putting focus on the issues and the root causes to achieve long lasting change.”

The United Way revealed its Community Action Plan initiative at today’s Kickoff breakfast speaking to the collective action that is required to make our community stronger.  MyStory, MyUnitedWay, My Community is this year’s slogan for community action.

“Without community health, there is no economic health,” says Jim Paterson, Campaign Co-Chair and Executive Director of Business Development with the City of Kelowna, “We are seeing a stronger economic base through home sales and general business results and we need to ensure that this economic strength translates into social and community health as well

The United Way is uniquely positioned as that umbrella for the social service charities, providing the needed advocacy, funding and other support, bringing community together to achieve lasting positive impact.”