Owner Direct Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals provide better value and more amenities than hotel rooms, so why spend more and get less on a vacation at a hotel? Finding a vacation home for the right price is only a click away with Owner Direct.

Whether you’re looking for a privately-owned home, villa, condo, apartment, chalet, cottage or cabin, Owner Direct takes the work out of finding accommodations online. In fact, Owner Direct Vacation Rentals has over 8,200 rental properties available for nightly, weekly or long-term rentals.

With Owner Direct you’re never alone, you get friendly service every day of the year. Every listed property has detailed info with lots of photos and is always in the same format making your search time more productive. And you’ll always know the exact price for the dates you’ve requested. So the next time you are planning a vacation check out Owner Direct Vacation Rentals online at www.OwnerDirect.com.

Good vibes at The Boh

Good vibes at The Boh

The Bohemian Café and Catering Company (affectionately known as The Boh) is a Kelowna icon.