Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic

Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic is a full-service non-surgical medical cosmetic centre committed to dermatology-related patient care and effective cosmetic treatments, all delivered in a premier spa-like environment.

The clinic is an accredited medical facility, serving children and adults of all skin types, both male and female. Their patients include those needing cosmetic or medical treatments. “The majority of patients are referred from our colleagues, other family physicians, for medical issues such as suspicious lumps, bumps and spots,” says Dr. Janna Bentley. “Last year alone the clinic treated about 15,000 referrals.”

Dr. Mandy Wong and Dr. Janna Bentley (pictured above) are the clinic’s founders and medical directors. They lead a team of over 20 staff including two other physicians, Dr. Julie Parker and Dr. Harpreet Lotay, along with specialized nurses, experienced aestheticians and wonderful patient care staff.

What is the most common request from patients? “Take me back 10 years—I just want to look my natural self, but younger.” The clinic has added non-surgical body-sculpting, with premier treatment technology. This non-invasive treatment helps eliminate stubborn fat, and complements a suite of anti-aging treatment services to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and rejuvenate complexion, including tissue fillers and Botox (Soft Lift, Restylane and Juvederm, etc.) along with effective skin care products.

"Last year along the clinic treated about 15,000 referrals."

The clinic treats everything from acne to rosacea to scars, with fractionated resurfacing and pigmented laser treatments for tattoos and sunspots; V-Beam laser treatment for facial blemishes and veins; microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Of course, they also treat varicose and spider veins, using direct and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, laser treatments, and the new endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), an alternative to surgical stripping for severely varicosed veins.

Dermatology Teaching Center

Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic is also the Dermatology Teaching Center for the UBC Okanagan medical school (officially called the Southern Medical Program), and all the physicians have clinical faculty appointments on the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Although the clinic staff is very knowledgeable, they continue to further their expertise each year, attending medical conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe. Dr. Wong just completed her master’s of medicine in the field of skin cancer—and previous to that, a diploma in practical dermatology.

Dr. Wong and Dr. Bentley also are speakers and chairpersons at national meetings within the field; most recently they both spoke in New York regarding Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Bentley also spoke in Montreal about varicose vein disease and treatment, while Dr. Wong spoke in Vancouver at the National Family Practice Forum regarding diagnosis and management. In addition, they both participate in volunteer medical missions in underserved areas such as Mexico and Honduras, and provide pro bono work locally for those in need.

Kelowna Clinic

You’ll find them at 3293 Lakeshore Road in Kelowna. Services and consultations are by appointment only. For skin care product sales, drop-ins are welcome any time. On weekdays, they open at 8:30 am and close at 5 pm. Wednesday through Friday. Recently, they began offering extended hours to 7:30 pm for some services on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on alternating Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Dr. Wong and Dr. Bentley and the entire staff at Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic, are committed to unsurpassed medical care, patient safety and non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

To find out more, visit; email them at; or call 250.860.9919 or toll free 1.888.860.9919.