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Shola Fashanu

Kelowna Secondary School
Grade 10
Actress with a winning smile

This passionate perfectionist with energy to burn is dedicated to academics and sports, but makes time to cook crêpes at home. Her favourite? Nutella and strawberries.

Quintessential career: actress, but realistically orthodontist. Like the medical field, helping people and having regular patients.

Favourite subjects: drama. The rush of onstage, public speaking, expressing myself. Science. I’m a detail person.

Independence: plans in place. Hope for a running scholarship to study sciences and dentistry at UVic. Runner at Okanagan Athletics Club on was on Dr. Knox Middle School track team. Specialty 1,500 m steeplechase.

Helping out: integrated Grade 7 students to Dr. Knox. Oaissi Anglican Camp summer counsellor.

Fitness find: soccer, field hockey, cross-country and long distance running, at school and regionally. Off-season running training and skiing with family at Big White.

Must have technology: my iPhone. Communication with parents, around messages and pick-up times. Not much of a texter with friends.

App awards: Instagram for sharing photos with friends. Sonza, curated by music experts. Always music to suit the mood.

Social media: Facebook. Don’t post a lot. Just creep people (look at other posts).

eReader or print: buy and download books on eReader. Love the convenience. Hard copy for pleasure reading, Sunday morning on the couch.

Creative outlet: played evil Lady Morrell in school play Robin Hood. In life you take on many roles. Fun to play one version of myself.

Lasting life lesson: Dad taught me to be fair. Treat others with respect.

Downtime: exercise—and sleep. Eight-and-a-half hours, then wake up to Taylor Swift’s Red.

Movies or documentaries, TV or online: Netflix for TV series like 90210, Drop Dead Diva. PVR for The Carrie Diaries.

Friends say: fashionable, eccentric, problem solver.
Shola Fashanu

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