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Albert Einstein once said, “The hardest thing to understand in the world is income tax.” Many people share the opinion of Albert Einstein; the rules and regulations that govern our tax system can be a hazardous labyrinth for the unwary or unprepared. Navigating our tax system requires years of training and practice. At MacKay Kelowna, we are dedicated to providing the best tax services available and that is why our 10 tax professionals practice full time in areas of taxation.

Services provided include developing succession plans for business owners—whether it’s for the introduction of family members or selling their business—and helping owners achieve their goals in the most tax efficient manner.

We also advise on estate planning, corporate restructuring, business purchases, United States personal taxes and GST/HST. In addition, we act as advocates during tax appeals for our clients.

The expertise of the tax group at MacKay is sought after. Our team provides support services to accountants and other professionals throughout BC and in Alberta, the NWT, the Yukon and even Ontario.

Whatever your tax related matter, the MacKay Tax Group can assist. Call us today at 250.763.5021 or visit our office at 500–1620 Dickson Ave., Kelowna.

Good vibes at The Boh

Good vibes at The Boh

The Bohemian Café and Catering Company (affectionately known as The Boh) is a Kelowna icon.