Votes are in: Best Chef in the Okanagan

Best-Chef-Rod-Butters-raudzBest-Restaurants-2014-webiconWe’re celebrating the 20th annual Best Restaurants Awards with Okanagan Life. Here are our readers’ picks for Best Chef.



Central Okanagan

1 Rod Butters | RauDZ Regional Table
2 Ricardo Scebba | Ricardo’s
3 Mark Filatow | Waterfront Wines

South Okanagan

1 Paul Cecconi | Brodo Kitchen
2 Brock Bowes | Sonora Room
3 Chris Remington | Hooded Merganser

North Okanagan

1 Jeremy Luypen | Range, Predator Ridge
2 Adam Relvas | Monashee’s Bar & Grill
3 Thomas Kluckner | PeakFine, Sparkling Hill

jeremy-luypen-predator-ridge_opt Best-Chef-paul-cecconi-brodo-kitchen_opt

Photos: Rod Butters (top), Jeremy Luypen (left) Paul Cecconi (right).


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