Anyone but Harper

If Stephen were a song, Anyone But Harper would top the charts because practically everyone is singing. Call it a metamorphosis or dot-connecting or a new level of consciousness. Whatever you call
it, Canadians coast to coast are rallying behind an imaginative movement to kick Stephen Harper out as prime minister.

Many are calling him the worst PM in Canadian history. There is even a website aptly named which opens with, “If you have found yourself here, you know what this page is about.”

What is Stephen Harper all about? Besides turning a $13 billion surplus into the biggest deficit in Canadian history, Stephen Harper has:

  • run seven straight deficits
  • led Canada into two recessions
  • killed world-renowned scientific research like PEARL and the ELA
  • destroyed 16 science libraries across Canada
  • eliminated the long form census
  • muzzled Canadian government scientists; no one is allowed to talk to the public or the press about important research findings without months of delay
  • labelled environmentalists as terrorist threats
  • cut 700 jobs at Environment Canada
  • cut taxes on top income earners
  • cut taxes on large corporations
  • allowed the use of tax loopholes for the wealthy
  • done nothing to stop tax havens, which have proliferated
  • become the first prime minister in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament for refusing to disclose the full costs of the F-35s

Canada is a country built by men in denim who possessed monumental dreams. Today, men in suits with overwhelming greed are destroying it.

Perhaps Harper’s most sinister deed is his new anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, which will criminalize free speech, allow the government to hold citizens without legal representation and
would permit government agencies to spy on anybody, anytime, anywhere.

Canadians are beginning to find out what Stephen Harper is all about because a smokescreen of deceit has been around for 30 years. Trickle down economics is pure fiction. Thirty-five years of that insidious lie has killed the middle class. The neo-conservative, too big to fail corporations love Stephen and that is the crux of our Canadian problem, isn’t it? When Wall Street loves your prime minister more than you do, maybe its time for a new prime minister?

Today, many medium and small business owners struggle just to survive because the economy is cash-starved and tanking because trans-national, monopolistic corporations have stolen or embezzled tens of trillions of dollars from the Canadian and world economies.

Do Okanagan voters realize that Mr. Harper does not care about us? Federal scientist Tony Turner wrote
Harperman, a Protest Song in June and posted it on YouTube. In predictable Conservative fashion, Harper tried to muzzle the musician-scientist by putting him on leave and having him investigated. (See CBC: Federal scientist put on leave over Harperman protest song ) This has back fired because at time of writing, Harperman, a Protest Song is going viral with over 600,000 views. This begs the question: what if Bill C-51 had already been passed and someone — anyone — labelled Tony Turner a terrorist?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I am adding my voice, my influence as publisher and editor of Okanagan Life magazine and my democratic vote to oust Stephen Harper. I join millions of Canadians who understand this — and millions more who are realizing that Stephen Harper has to go.
Warm, caring and friendly Canadians must put a stop to his catastrophe in progress. Canada is a country built by men in denim who possessed monumental dreams. Today, men in suits with overwhelming greed are destroying it.

Making your own kind of music

Making your own kind of music

What better way to celebrate three decades of Okanagan Life than printing a 30th-anniversary issue and penning a new musical libretto?
Regular readers of Okanagan Life will know that I go to great lengths to boast about, sell its advantages and invite all to visit our renowned Valley, which is humbly known as one of the prettiest, happiest and adventurous places—and what better locale to place my cast of musical characters?