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Pantomime’s the Thing

I have a lovely family picture hanging on the fridge. In it, my grandmother, with her long black dress and cane, stands demurely to my left. My grandfather, with his pink curls and large breasts, smiles brightly to my right. Each time I pass it I am reminded of how the wonderful world of community theatre …

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Artist in Residence James Postill

Many years ago, while a young student in Mr. Miles’ art class at Kelowna Secondary, I dreamt of one day reaching some kind of artistic greatness, hopefully including a large body of impressive and ridiculously expensive paintings I’d make along the way. I had a few ideas …

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Lake-to-Lake Artist Studio Tour

I love improv. Seeing people spontaneously come up with fresh ideas lets me not only feel like there’s a bit of genius in all of us, but that it’s quite normal to have ideas that flop. For example, acting like an epileptic penguin on stage is only funny for so long. It’s all about trial and error.

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