Barbara Sutherland

As a (mostly former) journalist, Barbara Sutherland enjoys writing occasional feature articles for <i>Okanagan Life Magazine</i>. She works as a corporate writer in the healthcare sector, and is also on the team at helping self-published authors turn out professional books.

Bruce Kemp

Photographer and feature writer, Bruce Kemp has had the luxury of being able to tell stories for most of his adult life. Before moving to the Okanagan, he worked in the exciting national and international media, and still does when not on assignment for Okanagan Life.

Darcy Nybo

A regular contributor, Darcy Nybo loves sharing information about people and places in the Okanagan. With a strong background in business and marketing, she created Always Write, a unique company that revolves around periodical writing, businesses/marketing writing, and author assistance. She loves living her dream of being a writer in the Okanagan Valley.

Dawn Renaud

When a couple of short stories caught the eye of a magazine editor, writing became a career for this passionate wordsmith. With hundreds of stories in a variety of publications, Dawn has branched out to provide editing, coaching and business writing.

Dona Sturmanis

Dona Sturmanis -a Kelowna-based freelance writer, editor and writing instructor. "Dona was a contributing writer and editor to Okanagan Life Magazine for a great many years. She always wrote poetically and deliberately... and they blended into exceptional stories of emotional triumphs and heart rendering loss. She was a writers' writer. A teacher, poet and all round good soul. The power of the printed word was her vocation and her dedication to her craft was inspiring. If you knew her you were blessed by knowing one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, loyal and supportive people. Keep teaching Dona... you will be missed." - publisher J. Paul Byrne

Gillianne Richards

This multimedia writer has a passion for the arts. She's a radio host and producer, part-time weather girl and <em>Okanagan Life</em>'s <a href="">Culturista columnist</a>.

Helene Scott

Head wine judge of Okanagan Life Best of BC Wine Awards, Helene Scott is a sommelier and wine writer. She’s worked with Quails’ Gate, Predator Ridge Resort and the Delta Grand Okanagan. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa she brings a worldly approach to her passion for wines.

Judie Steeves

This freelance writer specializes in outdoors, agricultural and environmental writing, celebrating more than 40 years with pen in hand. Judie has worked in newspapers throughout B.C.

Julie Cosgrave

Julie Cosgrave is a Kelowna writer whose work has appeared in magazines and newspapers and on radio. She recently published a novel, <eM><a href="">Objects of Affection</em></a>.

Laurie Carter

This grandma wears hiking boots (and other fetching footwear) in search of cultural, culinary and eco-adventure. Award-winning writer, photographer and author of the popular <i>Grandma Wears Hiking Boots</i> guide to the Okanagan Valley, Laurie proudly serves as senior editor of <i>Okanagan Life magazine</i>.

Natalie Appleton

Natalie Appleton is a professional writer, editor and journalist who has written for dozens of publications around the world, including <em>The New York Times</em>. As the principal of Read Head Copywriting, Natalie helps organizations boost sales with marketing material that’s clear and convincing. As a writing instructor at Okanagan College, Natalie also helps writers and businesses tell their stories.

Patti Shales Lefkos

Freelance writer Patti Shales Lefkos regularly contributes features, as well as Couch Neglector, Who Among Us and Rearview articles. Patti trained as a journalist after a career in education as a teacher, consultant and Vancouver inner city principal. Whether canoeing the Yukon River, backcountry skiing in BC’s Monashee Mountains or trekking in Tibet and Nepal, Patti embraces the culture and environment of wilderness areas. When not travelling or writing, she skis in the winter at her home base at Silver Star Mountain Resort and paddles in summer from her Ontario island cottage.

Paul Byrne

For 30 years, our publisher/editor John Paul Byrne has called the Okanagan Valley home, managing the reins at Okanagan Life and writing and playing great music. When his nose is not in a neuroscience book, he's on the ice, tennis court or golf course. <a href="">More posts</a> | <a href="">Advertising</a>

Shannon Linden

Shannon Linden is a health & humour columnist who also writes a blog, magazine articles, and grocery lists.

Shelley Wood

Shelley Wood has been a regular contributor to Okanagan Life since moving to Kelowna in 2000 after completing her graduate degree in journalism at UBC: Vancouver. By day, she is the editorial director at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York. Her fiction, nonfiction, columns, and travel writing have appeared in the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, National Post, The New Quarterly, Room Magazine, and others.

Yvonne Turgeon

This communications consultant loves writing, wine and all things Okanagan (but hasn't given up her Rider green). When she's not doing PR for her clients, she's writing for Okanagan Life and managing the reins at