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Dané & Julie Le Roux

Dané le Roux sits in bed and for a moment the then 12-year-old thinks before she picks up her ballpoint pen and notebook. After filling three pages of whatever comes to mind, she hands the notebook to her mirror image sister. Julie scans through the words. “Well, this is good…”

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Bookshelf 2012

Summer in the Okanagan means time to kick back and read. Check out these titles by Okanagan authors: Bear of a Honeymoon, by Laurie Carter; The Bridge, Don’t Look Back, by Faye Cyr; Fall of a King, by James Fuller; Financial Fitness…

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Okanagan Bookshelf & Soundtrack

We could speculate on what it is about the Okanagan that nurtures such a broad spectrum of creativity among writers, photographers and musicians, but who cares—as long as they keep on creating …

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