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Tim Hortons delivers over 29,000 smiles for YMCA Kids

The smiles are in. Tim Hortons restaurants in the Central Okanagan raised $29,091 from their annual Smile Cookie Campaign with 100% of the proceeds donated to the YMCA of Okanagan. The campaign, which ran for one week in September, saw thousands of Tim Hortons customers purchase a smile cookie for one dollar. “We’re so proud of the success of our Smile Cookie Campaign,” says Chris Chapman, owner of three local restaurants. “With the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’s’ widening in our community, we can’t think of a charity that makes a bigger impact on the lives of struggling kids and families in the Okanagan than the YMCA.” Since local Tim Hortons stores began supporting the Y’s Healthy Snack Program in 2013, $156,317 has been raised to ensure that each year the hundreds of children participating in Y preschool or out of school care programs receive the nutrition they need to grow and thrive. “It is critical that all children in our care get a daily healthy snack,” says Danielle Miranda, YMCA Senior Child Care Manager. “Many kids in our programs come to us without eating regular meals. With one in three children relying on financial assistance to participate in Y child care, those families struggle to afford nutritious food and any afterschool snacks at all.” YMCA of Okanagan operates preschool and child care programs at seven...

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Home & Decor Shops – Central Okanagan

Best shops for home and decor in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 56 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 57 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 46 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 47 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 48 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 37 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 38 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 39 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 28 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 29 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 30 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 19 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 20 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 21 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 10 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 11 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 12 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 1 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home 2 2017_Best_of_the_Okanagan_home...

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Goods & Services – South Okanagan

Best local shops and more in Penticton, Summerland and the South Okanagan. 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 6 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 7 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 14 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 15 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 16 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 23 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 24 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 25 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 32 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 33 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 34 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 41 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 42 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 43 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 50 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 51 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 53 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 59 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 60 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services...

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Goods & Services – North Okanagan

Best local shops and more in Vernon and the North Okanagan. 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 4 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 5 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 11 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 12 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 13 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 20 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 22 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 29 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 30 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 31 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 38 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 39 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 40 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 47 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 48 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 49 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 56 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services 57 2017-best-of-the-okanagan-services...

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30,000 giveaway for small business okanagan

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